Shahira is an architect, artist, and exhibition designer currently based in New York. She develops spatial, visual and olfactory works that connect people to themselves, others, and nature. She explores other dimensions to the experience of space through the creation of multisensory projects that transcend boundaries and evoke imagination.

She holds a Master’s degree from the University of Applied Arts Vienna, where she graduated with distinction from the Excessive studio. Her graduate thesis was widely recognized across several online publications as a polemic against hyper-rationalized spaces, institutionalism, and natural destruction. Shahira has worked globally for firms in New York, Vienna, and Alexandria. Highlights include the Skydeck experience at the Willis Tower completed in 2022 and the ongoing Shedd aquarium renovation project. In 2018, she helped create the Monarch Sanctuary project as part of a research fellowship with Terreform ONE. This project was a main exhibit at the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Triennial: Nature. She currently works for renowned design firm, Thinc Design, located in New York City.

Shahira continues to explore through fine art and experimental architecture and design. Her works are found in exhibitions and publications that include Olfactory Art Keller, Outsider Art Fair NY, Kunstlerhaus Vienna, Evolo, Designboom, among others.


June 15 - August 5 2023

Minimal Scents - Olfactory Art Keller, New York, NY

March 3 - March 4 2023

Art by Architects - Center for Architecture, New York, NY

August 1 - August 31 2017

ICARCH Architecture Festival - Hinterland Gallery, Vienna, Austria

May 22 - September 6, 2017

"Paper Trail" group show - Gypsum Gallery, Cairo

May 21, 2016 - July 2, 2016

Blueprints group exhibition - Chicago Industrial Arts & Design Center

21-24 January 2016

Outsider Art Fair - New York, NY

- "VERTUMNUS" tower selected and displayed at the curated space: BABEL - 3d Printed Metropolis. (3d printed by Voodoo Manufacturing in Brooklyn)

26 April -26 May 2013

Experimental Architecture Biennial Volume #1 - Prague, Czech Republic
- "Asemic Forest" thesis project displayed at the Excessive Studio (Hernan Diaz Alonso) section of the exhibition

27 June–15 July 2012

The Essence 12 - Vienna Künstlerhaus, Austria
- Asemic Forest (M.Sc. thesis project) displayed at the annual die Angewandte exhibition (architecture section)

March 5-12 / 2011

d3 Sketch Exhibition - Universidad de Monterrey, Mexico
- Sketches displayed at the opening exhibition, Sketch, for Tadao Ando’s lecture.


2012 - Master of Science (dist.) - Excessive Studio, Institute of Architecture, University of Applied Arts Vienna, Austria

2008 - Bachelor's Degree in Architecture (hons.) - AAST, Alexandria, Egypt



WA Awards, 20+10+X (World Architecture Community)
- First cycle winners
Marine Research Complex: Cited by the honorary members of WA.



Nature Studies
Asemic Forest and Other Natural Wonders by Architect Shahira Hammad


Asemic Forest - Westbahnhof Train Station
Marine Research Complex


Pit, crit
Asemic Forest - Westbahnhof Train Station
Westbahnhof U-bahn
Marine Research Complex


Asemic forest featured in Highlike Book (printed and launched in December 2014)


Dichotomy Journal, Issue 19:UGLY
(University of Detroit Mercy, School of Architecture)
- Thesis project cited/featured in:
The Elephant Man Under Intensive Care: Aesthetics, Technology, & Architecture

The Hive Mind Magazine
Contributed and featured in issue 01 “Forgotton Landscapes”.


evolo magazine
Asemic Forest - Spontaneous Order and Architecture

Asemic Forest

Asemic Forest - Westbahnhof Train Station

Asemic Forest - Westbahnhof Train Station
Westbahnhof U-bahn
Marine Research Complex

3d dreaming
Asemic Forest - Westbahnhof Train Station

Asemic Forest - Westbahnhof Train Station

The Pop up City
Asemic Forest - The Decaying Decadence of Vienna’s New Train Station

Asemic Forest - Urban Train Station Infiltrated by the Spontaneous Order of Nature

Asemic Forest - Westbahnhof Train Station

ASK Magazine (print)
Asemic Forest featured in December 2012 issue.

Thesis Special - Asemic Forest - Westbahnhof Train Station

Interview - Spontaniety and Afterthought

Shahira Hammad 2023